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Chaplain - Ms. T. Fitzgerald

Chaplain - Ms. T. Fitzgerald

The Coach’s Chaplain’s Corner with Tina Fitzgerald

My name is Tina Fitzgerald and, obviously, I am a hockey fan! Go Leafs!! I come from Kitchener – Waterloo, where I served as a Chaplain for three years with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. I completed my formal education at St. Jerome’s University, (University of Waterloo) and St. Augustine Seminary, (University of Toronto). I have been an active member of my parish for over ten years in a number of ministries and programs. I strongly believe that our faith is something that we do. Yes, we formally learn about our faith in school and at Church, but it is only when we put our faith into action that we truly learn about it and deepen our relationship with God. I invite all people to live out their faith in all they do and to support one another in doing so. Our faith development is not a solitary journey, our faith thrives on the support and love of others, just as Jesus and His disciples did.

According to the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops, Chaplaincy is: “The action of liberating Christ in the heart of the school community, through a set of well-thought-out and meaningful interventions accomplished within the Church.” At St. Jean de Brébeuf, we have a community rich in religious, and ethnic diversity with different capabilities, needs, and achievements. The Chaplaincy Leader has the unique responsibility of fostering and developing the working relationship between parishes, home, and school for the holistic development of the school community. As a result, the Chaplaincy Leader will engage the School Community in the celebrations of the Sacrament of Communion and Reconciliation to remind us of our relationship with God and with one another. In affirming the dignity of the human person, Catholic Social Teaching calls us to challenge all that prevents the sacred fulfillment of humanity. One of the missions of the Chaplaincy program, at St. Jean de Brébeuf, is to promote peace through justice, so that an authentic expression of love can blossom. Our annual Pilgrimage: Walk with Christ, Christmas Basket Program, and Food Drives are just some of the ways our School community lives out their faith by promoting peace. Ms. Fitzgerald is the Lead Advisor for the school’s Chaplaincy team, a leadership team that organizes a variety of fun outreach and liturgical events. It is important to remember that each one of us is chosen and considered precious in the sight of God. Thus, we are strengthened with building up this incredible Catholic school by using our own gifts and talents; we are the living stones that make St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School. In doing so, we are also very fortunate to have a Chapel in our school. This Chapel is a place of sanctuary, prayer, and reflection; everyone is welcomed and invited to spend time in to be in the quiet presence of God.

I invite anyone who wishes to speak with me to call my office at 905-388-7020 ext. 3720 for any questions, comments or concerns. My door is always open to students for life and spiritual counseling. Students will often come down to my office just to "hang out" as it is a comfortable and welcoming environment. Please remember that faith can only really be understood when put into action even in the simplest way:

Tonight ask your child, where do you think you saw God today?

I wish you all of God’s blessings as we journey together to experience Christ’s undying love for us.

Tina Fitzgerald, Chaplain’s Corner at St. Jean de Brébeuf