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Summer Social Work Support for Student Mental Health & Wellness

The 2019-2020 school year presented numerous changes and challenges for students, parents and caregivers. In recognition of the significant impact of the current reality, the Ministry of Education made it possible for Social Work Services to be provided throughout the summer months.

HWCDSB is pleased to provide the following service options for students:

Option 1: Short-term Intervention Blocks of Service
Students who are interested in receiving a short-term therapy program (Brief) aimed at improving their mental health and well-being can register for up to 4 weeks of intervention. Efforts will be made to set up a flexible plan to accommodate the student and/or family. Sessions will be structured, follow an evidence- based intervention plan, and focussed on the goals identified by the student. The intervention program will occur virtually using MS TEAMS with secure video technologies. If technology is a barrier, but a student is interested in this service, please request the service and discuss options with the Social Worker.

Option 2: Wellness Check-ins
Students and families who are interested in receiving wellness check-ins will be contacted at the agreed upon time. During the wellness check-in, a Social Worker will be available to talk with either the student and/or parent/guardian about how things are going. Strategies to support positive mental health and well-being will be shared and reviewed. The frequency for wellness check-ins is flexible and can be re-negotiated at any time –the student or family can tell us what is needed!

Option 3: What to Expect Student Session
Begins August 17, 2020

One of the most challenging aspects of the pandemic is the unknown – this can be very worrisome for students who are planning to return to school in the fall and are unsure about what to expect. The “What to Expect Student Session” is a group format designed for students in grades 7 to 12, who are finding that their worry and anxiety is overwhelming their excitement and willingness to return to class. This group will focus on learning about what they can expect, exploring mood and anxiety related to the new learning environment, and activities to embed their newly learned skills for coping into their school day.

Option 4: What to Expect Parent Session
Caregiver Session will be offered starting the week of August 17, 2020

Caregivers, the need to receive clear and consistent messaging about how best to keep our children safe, has been at the forefront during the pandemic. HWCDSB is offering 90-minute information sessions for caregivers of an HWCDSB student of any age, with the aim to explore caregivers’ own stress and worries about sending kids back to school and how best to support your child as you navigate this transition together.

To speak with a Social Worker Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, please call 905-525-2930, ext. 2057.

To request summer Social Work support, please click here.

Summer Social Work Support for Student Mental Health & Wellness