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SJB goes pink for anti-bullying

Students and staff at St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School were tickled pink to support anti-bullying.

The school joined hundreds of other schools across the country in celebrating Pink Shirt Day, an annual event created to “raise awareness of the issues of bullying, as well as raise funds to support programs that foster children’s healthy self-esteem” (Pink Shirt Day).

Putting a sweet twist on the day, students were treated to strawberry and watermelon fruit kabobs.

“During the launch of the new salad bar in November, students expressed that they would like more fruit options in the school-run cafeteria,” said Public Health Nurse Diane Lau.

“After much collaboration between the Health Action Team (HAT) and the Foods and Hospitality classes, the idea of distributing “pinkish” fruit kabobs was born.”

To support Pink Shirt Day, HAT students also developed an awareness campaign on anti-bullying that included videos, posters and morning announcements.

“We were able to bring awareness to not only the traditional types of bullying, but also cyberbullying too,” said student Mary Butrus.

“We have been running school-wide initiatives all year to provide opportunities for students to interact together and develop relationships, make connections and have some fun,” added Lau.

“Promoting healthy, caring relationships is an important way of preventing bullying and supporting the creation of a safe, accepting and inclusive school environment.”

“Having events that promote a positive school spirit has been beneficial,” said HAT teacher advisors, Kala Peric and Adele Rogano.

“Students who feel a sense of belonging within the school community are more inclined to advocate for those who are being bullied.”

Creating a positive school climate, having active participation in the SJB school community and encouraging student voice are all part of our school improvement plan, noted Vice-Principal, Rob Lombardi.

“It’s important for students to take leadership in developing positive campaigns that affect themselves and their peers.”

The Pink Shirt Day event is best summarized by student Adrian Kobylt:

“Being supportive of each other encourages students to be like a family.”

SJB goes pink for anti-bullying
SJB goes pink for anti-bullying