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SJB Dance’s Workshop Wednesdays are a Hip Hop hit!

For the second year in a row, the SJB Dance program presented Workshop Wednesdays in May. For four weeks, students at SJB were invited to participate in free after school Hip Hop dance classes taught by SJB graduates and former students of the program. The SJB dance program continues to pride itself on projects that foster awareness and appreciation of dance. Through initiatives like this, SJB continues to grow a community of dancers from both present and past. All of the graduates who returned to instruct are now part of award-winning university and college Hip Hop teams at McMaster, Laurier & Sheridan College.

"SJB is extremely fortunate that these graduates continue to give back to the dance program through their generosity and love of dance."

Workshop Wednesdays are a perfect way to introduce SJB students to Hip Hop dance in a welcoming, non-competitive and positive environment.

“Being able to come back to the studio where we first discovered dance is very gratifying.” exclaim graduates Addi San Juan & Cliff Bernardo. “We spent countless hours in that studio and wouldn’t have developed into the dancers we are today if it wasn’t for that space. We are very grateful to the SJB dance program for kick starting our dance journey, so being invited to teach allows us to give back and return to a space that will forever feel like home.”

Grade 10 student Andrew Lee says “Workshop Wednesdays offers students, who like dance but may not have the opportunity to take classes outside of school, a positive introduction to Hip Hop and a great experience of meeting new people. It’s really enjoyable to see students of all grades come together in our passion for dance. The way we support one another and cheer each other on makes it a great experience all round.”

SJB Dance’s Workshop Wednesdays are a Hip Hop hit!